30A Bike Rentals


Why Drive When You Can Ride?

We highly recommend renting bikes for your 30A vacation! Our 30A community is very bike friendly as there is no better way to get around and enjoy the fantastic 30A sunshine and the natural beauty of our beaches. 30A also has numerous great bike paths for you and your family to explore during your vacation (feel free to ask the Live Well team for some suggestions on the best paths). Why drive when you can bike 30A!

Just Click & Pedal

Build your 30A Live Well bike rental bundle by selecting from the following bike options and we'll have it waiting for you when you get here! It's as simple as choosing your start and end date (i.e. days we drop-off and pickup) and then your bikes will be waiting for you when you arrive to 30A!

Some Key Items
  • Arrival date should be your check-in day. If you want Live Well bikes at your 30A house when you arrive. Bike rental delivery is guaranteed by 6:00pm
  • Departure date should be your check-out day. Bike rental pick-up starts at 10:00am
  • Bike lock included with rental of adult bike and the lock code is the last 4 digits of the phone number used to book the order

Additional information about biking on 30A

Riding bikes on 30A is very popular and you get to see a side of this wonderful place that can’t be seen by car! 30A has a 19 mile bike path plus many streets, neighborhoods, dune lakes, green spaces, stores and restaurants to explore along the way. During peak season you will see thousands of bikes up and down the road. Here are a few of my favorite places to ride and helpful pointers:
*Always lock your bike up. They rarely get stolen- however, they do get “borrowed” and most of the rental companies charge you the full replacement cost for a lost, stolen, “borrowed” or damaged bike.

East to West by bike: Inlet Beach is easily reached by bike from Rosemary Beach. Inlet Beach is a local’s beach that has been discovered. It’s quiet and laid back and has beautiful Gulf views from the road. Rosemary Beach is a great place to start your tour. Cruise main street and check out all of the restaurants and shops. Inlet Beach is easily reached by bike from Rosemary Beach. Heading West from Rosemary you will first hit Seacrest Beach. This is a great neighborhood to explore. Palm trees line the streets and it’s there is less car traffic to worry about. Next, you will want to stop in Alys Beach and check out the restaurants and shops it has to offer. The stunning architecture and landscaping is a “can’t miss”. A good peddle West and you will enter Watersound Beach. This is one of my favorite places to bike. It has less traffic than the other beaches and some of the best scenery on 30A. Moving West from Watersound Beach you will quickly be in Seagrove. There are plenty of restaurants and shops to catch your breath before moving on to Seaside. Seaside is by far the most active community on 30A. A great break on any bike ride would be a drink and a snack at Bud and Alley’s rooftop bar. Then it’s on to Watercolor, another great community to explore by bike. Continue West through Grayton State Park and then Grayton Beach. Grayton Beach is fantastic. Stop by the Red Bar for the ultimate 30A experience and travel back in time as you cruise the streets of Grayton Beach. Many of the homes have been there since the late 19th century. West of Grayton Beach you will find Blue Mountain Beach and Dune Allen that each have plenty to do. Make sure to catch a sunset before wrapping up your bike ride. Take plenty to drink and have fun!

Things to check out on your 30A bike ride (from East to West):

  • Gulf views along the streets of Inlet Beach
  • Rosemary Beach, Main Street site seeing, fuel up at Summer Kitchen (NEED THE BULLET POINT BEFORE IT)
  • Alys Beach, North and South side
  • Bridge at Camp Creek Lake (great spot for sunsets!)
  • Watersound Beach
  • Eastern Lake
  • Seaside (Bud and Alley’s for a snack break or any of Seaside’s great beach accesses for a picnic)
  • Watercolor- Western Lake on the North side of 30A
  • Grayton State park- do not miss this!
  • Grayton Beach- check out the Red Bar and the beach. This is 30A’s coolest spot.
  • Local Catch- great snack/drink stop
  • Blue Mountain (you’ll know you’re there because you’ll have to pedal a little harder- 30A’s only hill)
  • Gulf Place- cool shops, art galleries and amphitheater

For a more rigourous ride and to get a view of “wild” Florida, there’s Eastern Lake Trail. Located within Point Washington State Forest, trail has different length loops. There is also great camping in the state forest.